Graduate Student Conference in Learner Corpus Research 2023

Welcome to the Graduate Student Conference in Learner Corpus Research 2023!

The conference will be held under the aegis of the Learner Corpus Association.

A virtual conference in Learner Corpus Research which will take place online on 25, 26, 27 October 2023.

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The main aim of the Conference is to offer a space for MAs and PhDs students to discuss their ongoing projects with Senior and Experienced Researchers in the field of Learner Corpus Research.

This is in line with the common objective of the Learner Corpus Association (LCA), which is an international association aiming to promote and provide an interdisciplinary forum for all the researchers and professionals who are actively involved in the field. LCA supports the compilation of learner corpora (i.e. electronic collections of written and/or spoken language produced by foreign/second language learners) in a wide range of languages and the design of innovative methods and tools to analyze them. It seeks to link up learner corpus research to second language acquisition theory, first language acquisition theory and linguistic theory in general and to promote applications in fields including foreign language teaching, language testing and natural language processing (automated scoring, spell- and grammar-checking, L1 identification).

Group photo of the organizers.
Group photo of the organizers. From top left to bottom right: Fabio Zanda (University for Foreigners of Perugia), Arianna Bienati (Eurac Research), Olga Lopopolo (Eurac Research, University for Foreigners of Perugia), Elena Ferrato (University of Verona, Free University of Bolzano, Eurac Research), Marta Guarda (Eurac Research), Jennifer Carmen Frey (Eurac Research), Aivars Glaznieks (Eurac Research), and Egon Stemle (Eurac Research). Not depicted: Paolo Brasolin (Eurac Research).